FAUG Game क्या है? Download indian FAUG game and install

FAUG Game क्या है? Download indian FAUG game and install – In the midst of the ongoing confrontation between India and China, once again, the Government of India has taken a strong stand and made a Digital Strike over China. Yes! I am using the term Digital Strike because the Indian government is constantly banning all popular applications in China in India.Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post.

The Government of India has removed all these apps from India. Because they were constantly receiving complaints that the privacy of the consumers from these apps is in danger. These companies could harm India's unity, integrity and sovereignty by providing consumer data to the Chinese government. Due to this complaint, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has banned all these applications in India under Section 69A.

The Government of India has banned 118 applications of China in India. The biggest thing has come out in this ban, that out of all these 118 apps, the most favorite app of youth is PUBG. Yes, PUBG Ban is now done in India. Now in India, this application will not be visible on Play Store or App Store. Even if a consumer downloads this application then he cannot run this app on his smartphone. Because the server of this App in India has been blocked.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has created a stir by releasing a poster on social media soon after PUBG Ban in India. Yes if you are a game enthusiast and looking for PUBG's alternative. Then you must read this news so that you can entertain yourself by playing another mobile game just like PUBG.

Actor Akshay Kumar has released a poster of a game with the same name as PUBG on his social media account. After seeing this poster, it is revealed that it will be an Action Game just like Game PUBG. Apart from this, the game has also been named FAU-G like PUBG. Due to which the younger generations are searching this news on the internet and collecting information about this game.

What is FAU-G ?: If you too are looking for the answer to the question on the internet, what is FAU-G Game? Then you are at the right place because in this article I will give you all the smallest details about this game which you must know.

Friends FAU-G Game will be an Action wise game just like PUBG. Which will have many levels. In this game you can get great graphics just like PUBG. This game may be based on the Indian Arms Force. In which different operations by Indian jambans can be seen at different levels. 

The co-founder of the company that developed the game stated that the first level of the game is based on the Galvan Valley. Significantly, there was a confrontation between India and China in the Galvan Valley itself. However, it is also a matter of cohesion whether we get support of multiplayer features in this game or not. Thanks to the multiplayer features, you will be able to form your team in this game and together you will be able to complete the task on a mission. Like we used to play in PUBG Mobile Game.

FAU-G is Altenate of PUBG: By looking at the name and poster of the FAU-G Game, you can guess that this game will be full of action just like PUBG. However, no official information has yet been received by the app developer whether it will be like Game PUBG or not. But judging from the news reports and news going on the internet, it will be an entertainment game just like PUBG. Where the youth will be able to entertain a lot more.

whats is Full Form of FAU-G: 
Friends, as you know, PUBG was very popular in India. Millions of youth used to spend their time on this application throughout the day and also earned millions of crores of rupees by livestreaming on championships and social media. But after PUBG is banned, people are disappointed and are looking for the pub's alternative. After the banning of Pubg, a new gaming application is going to be launched in India. Its name is FAU-G that is why, like PUBG, now the full form of this app is also being searched very fast on the Internet.

Friends, as you know, PUBG had a full form - Players Unknown BattleGround (PUBG). In the same way, the full form of FAU-G Game - Fearless and United - Guard has been kept.
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