Circular of Health and Family Welfare Department regarding hiring of manpower services to control the transition of Covid-19

Circular of Health and Family Welfare Department regarding hiring of manpower services to control the transition of Covid-19

Subject – Matter of injustice in the online transfer camp to the teacher siblings who have been transferred in the massacre,Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post.

Slaughtered teacher siblings
The matter has been brought to the notice of the state union, which has come to the notice of the current school seniority. This morning I have had a telephonic talk with the General Secretary. The state union is going to make a presentation on the matter to the director's office tomorrow morning. We understand that teachers who have been replaced are being treated unfairly. This has also been introduced by other district unions. Tomorrow is the last day to apply online. In the afternoon, the message from the state union will be notified immediately. Friends, we understand your question, that is why we are in constant touch with the Union and we are working together to get you justice. Union officials are also aware of this. Expect some good news.

The purpose of the current daughter scheme is to increase the birth rate of daughters. Reducing the dropout ratio in daughters' education. To empower daughters / women in the society. Prevent child marriage. Eligibility of Beneficiary Daughters born on or after 08/02/2018 will be eligible for the benefit of this scheme. All the daughters of the couple's first three children will be eligible for the scheme. > First in exceptional cases | Even if more than one daughter is born in the family during the second / third delivery and the couple has more than three daughters, all the daughters will be eligible for the benefit of this scheme. As per the provisions of the Child Marriage Prohibition Act-2006, only married couples who are married in adulthood will be eligible for the benefit of this scheme. The annual income limit of the couple (husband and wife combined) seeking benefits under the 'Vhali Dikri' scheme will be the same for rural and urban areas at the same amount of Rs.2,00,000 / - (two lakhs) or less Eligibility of income limit should be taken in the context of the year ending on 31st March immediately after the birth of the beneficiary. The family members of the daughters born on and after 08/06/2018 have to apply within the time limit of one year of the birth of the daughter in the prescribed form along with the supporting evidence. (Back)

Benefits to be availed in Vhali Dikri's scheme First installment - Rs. 5,000 / - will be payable to daughters at the time of admission in first standard. > Second Installment - Assistance of Rs. 5,000 / - will be available at the time of admission in 9th standard. Last Installment - A total of Rs. But the daughter should not be child-married. The applicant will have to submit the following supporting evidence along with the approval form of the scheme. Daughter's birth certificate. Aadhar card of daughter's parents. Birth certificate of the parents of the daughter. Annual income certificate of the daughter's parents. Examples of births of all the couple's own surviving children. Affidavit of the couple before the competent authority of the prescribed specimen. Valli Dikari ”Application Form Anganwadi Center / CDPO Office / Gram Panchayat | Women and Children will be available at the Officer's Office. Note: In case of death of a daughter before the age of 18 years, the remaining assistance will not be available under "Vhali Dikari" scheme. Office of Women and Child Officer Raj Mahal Compound, next to Bahumali Bhavan, Mehsana.

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