IAS Puzzle Question For Exam – A puzzle asked in IAS exam and very few people can solve it

IAS Puzzle Question For Exam – A puzzle asked in IAS exam and very few people can solve it,Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post.

>>General Information (GK) is significant territory in all the serious test held in the nation. The majority of the applicants feel trouble in scoring great imprints in it. Presently a days, a decent information on broad mindfulness is significant in clearing any serious test. To over come this you ought to have a comprehension of the things occurring around you.Columbia College is one of the world's most significant focuses of exploration and simultaneously a particular and recognized learning condition for students and graduate understudies in numerous academic and expert fields. The College perceives the significance of its area in New York City and tries to interface its examination and instructing to the huge assets of an incredible city. It tries to draw in an assorted and worldwide staff and understudy body, to help exploration and instructing on worldwide issues, and to make scholastic associations with numerous nations and locales. It anticipates that all zones of the College should propel information and learning at the most significant level and to pass on the results of its endeavors .

 :: PUZZLE :: 
9+4+7= .......?

Not long after these early beginning functions, classes were hindered by war. During World War I, the college permitted the U.S. military to utilize a portion of its justification for testing. In 1917, the U.S. military separated American College into two sections, Camp American College and Camp Drain.

 :: Right Answer Solution ::  

The answer for 9+4+7 is 366329
first fours digits
for last digist we have to do
the reverse of 92 is 29
so 9+4+7=366329

Camp American College turned into the origin of the US's concoction weapons program and the site of substance weapons testing; this necessary a significant cleanup exertion during the 1990s. Camp Drain was home to cutting edge examination, improvement, and testing of present day cover methods. Starting at 2014, the Military Corps of Specialists was all the while evacuating weapons including mustard gas and mortar shells.

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