Do not stand in the banks line, do seven work from ATM only

Do not stand in the banks line, do seven work from ATM only

1.Most of our banks are now equipped with ATM facility. Still many people do not know how to fully use ATMs, you probably do not know, but most of the banking activities of the bank can now be done through ATM. If you learn about full use of an ATM, you do not have to stand in the long lines of the bank. From ATM you can also open a fixed deposit. There is an option for opt-in deposit in the ATM menu.

2.Mobile can recharge. Prepaid mobile can be recharged by ATM, postpad mobile bills can also be filled

3.You can also fill income tax. This includes the tax paid after a regular assessment with advance tax, self assessment tax.

4.Cache can be deposited by ATM. Most banks now also have a cash deposit machine installed. At one time you can deposit 49900 rupees.

5.You can fill in the insurance premiums by ATM. Companies have signed contracts with the bank.

6.You can apply for a personal loan. A small amount can be applied to an ATM.

7.You can also transfer cash through ATM. Amount can be transferred to another account using ATM.


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