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Bin anamat New list Download - 32 New caste(gyati) list Download 2020

Bin anamat New list Download 2020 - 32 New caste(gyati) list Download,NON-Reserved castes in Gujarat include 20 more castes of hinduism and 12 more castes of muslims,Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post.
>>The Department of Social Justice and Empowerment of the state has issued a circular to include 32 more castes in the non-reserved caste. This includes 20 castes of Hinduism and 12 castes of Islam. So now it will be easier for people of castes to get a certificate of non-reservation.

>>Castes / sub-castes included in non-reserved Hindu castes

Hindu valama brahmanakhandelavala (originally settled in Gujarat) face vanika, face vaniyarayavavala brahmanakhedavala Brahmin, falcons khedavala Brahmin, Saurashtra eagle khedavala brahmanajethi athlete, jesthi Malla, jayesthi mallapurabiya Paladin ksatriyahindu arethiyavaviyahindu mahetamorabiyajobanaputrapuskarna brahmanasidhdhurudra brahmanasancihara brahmanapurohita, rajapurohitamahesvari, Agrawal, Agrawal (Vaishnav Bania) Agarwal (Vaishnava Vaniya) Thakkarmaru Rajput Ahmedabad Rawat (Rajput)
Castes / sub-castes involved in unreserved Muslim castes

Qureshi Muslimsuni Musliman Vhora Patte, Sunni Musalmanshiya Jafri Momin Jamat, Musalman Momin Momin, Vaidya Jnati, Momin Suthar, Suthar (Muslim), Mumankhedvaya Muslimchauman (Muslim) Muslim
The list of non-reserved class castes has been published to facilitate the issuance of certificates to the competent authorities.

>>NON-Reserved castes in Gujarat include 20 more castes of hinduism and 12 more castes of muslims.Get New 32 bin Anamat castes list.

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