What After 12th science And Arts - STD 10th Career Guidance Book in Gujarati

What After 12th science And Arts - STD 10th Career Guidance Book in Gujarati

Download karkirdi margadarshan Book pdf – Gujarati All Information, Daily decisions taken as a part of routine – School/office going decisions, to do brush in the morning, to go for bathing or at night decision for sleeping etc. These all decisions are part of our routine life. So very easily these decisions are taken and followed by us,Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post.

Dhoran 10 and 12 pachhi kyo korsh karsho? Many decisions are such that for taking them any logic is not there at that time considering the need at that moment only decision is taken. eg. While returning from school / college / office one is very hungry with friends one takes decision of eating Dabeli/Vadapav or hot breakfast. When one is thirsty then decision of drinking water. Many decisions are such which are part of momentary excitement e.g. In provision store went to purchase a soap. Soap’s fragrance was liked and purchased. A new ball pen / gel pen was liked and purchased.Yes, some decisions are such which are taken after thinking properly. E.g. If new washing machine / bikes has to be purchased?

What to do after standard 10 And 12?
This questions answer has many alternatives. Due to this some problem is also created to go this way or that such confusion is created. My childhood friend is taking admission in this course so I also should take admission in this course only. Such curiosity also arises but to blindly follow don’t mistake to take decision. Whatever decision is taken has to be taken after properly thinking / understanding. All alternatives knowledge has to be taken / available alternatives have to be compared / if needed then knowledgeable – experts guidance has to be taken and your own capacity / circumstances / pro & cons considering them you yourself will take decision then that decision is best.

Person passing standard 12th with arts subject there is bright future. Holding many courses. English, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Gujarati, History, Geography like them with any subjects B.A. can be done. In sector of computer and information technology there are many bachelor degree courses. Among it 12 Arts can avail admission. Many universities give admission to 12 Arts students for BBA course continuous B.A. B.ed course has been started..
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Standard 12 Science: In 10th Standard of one has got 70% or above then many have willingness to take admission in 12th science. In 10th standard if one gets 50% then also one can get admission in 11th Science. After standard 10 the no. of students taking admission in 11 sciences is decreasing. Many are curious whether they will get good marks in standard 12 board exam.

In science stream are 3 options:
  • Group A: Physics, Chemistry - Maths. (Biology is not a sub.)
  • Group B: Physics, Chemistry - Biology - (Maths is not a sub.)
  • Group C: Physics, Chemistry - Maths. (Known as Group A, B)
  • Thus, the students who want to go in and those who want to go in engineering field can choose “Group A”. By choosing A/B group more labour has to be done but chances of admission in each branch are more.

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What After 12th science And Arts

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