Excellent Home Remedies For Piles - Home Remedies For Piles

Excellent Home Remedies For Piles - Home Remedies For Piles

Piles or Hemorrhoids can be defined as swellings that develop inside and around the anus. They are cushions of tissue, which consist of blood vessels, muscle and so on. They are present in varying sizes and could also be outside the anus. 

It is not considered a serious problem and generally they disappear on their own. However, it is important to note that, sometimes, surgical procedures are required to remove piles. Generally, genetic factors are associated with piles. They could be inherited. It is believed that as one grows older, the risk of developing piles increases. Pregnant women are more vulnerable to this problem. Often, it is seen that excessive abdominal pressure causes the veins in the anal area to swell up, transforming into piles. Obesity is a major factor here. Another important factor, which is often sidelined, is one’s diet. Diet is a predominant aspect of our lifestyle and an unhealthy diet could be the result of innumerable health issues, piles being just one of them.

Excessive abdominal pressure causes the veins in the anal area to swell up, transforming into piles.Very often people do not realize that they are suffering from piles. Certain visible symptoms that would help recognize the issue are present. Pain and bleeding in the anus is very common. Mostly people see the development of a lump or a swelling in the area, which means there are piles. Itching and anal discharge is also common.Fortunately, the cure of this problem lies no further than your own home. You need not worry as the treatment for piles lies in your hands itself.Here are some home remedies that work wonders in the case of piles.

Surgical treatment : It can be easily explained in flow chart.

Non surgical treatment : Several options are also available in the market that makes the symptoms more manageable for an individual. It includes painkillers, Ointments, creams, and pads.

■ Corticosteroids : It is a cream more often known as steroids, are an anti-inflammatory that can be life-changing or life-saving medication. It gives immediate relief from symptoms of piles, but remember it is quite potent, so, long term use makes the skin thinner around your anus

■ Arsha hita ointment : The most smoothening Ointment for the complaints of Piles & being very effective in reducing pain & burning sensation of Piles & related diseases. Sarja Rasa helps stop bleeding & reduces Itching sensation of Piles & Fissure. Karpoora acts as a Painkiller by relaxing the smooth muscles of the Guda Pradesh & reducing Burning sensation

■ Hydrocortisone : Hydrocortisone can help with the pain and itching this treatment comes in the form of creams, ointments, foams and suppositories.

■ Ibuprofen : It is a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug that improves your symptoms. These medicines may not be suitable for people having stomach troubles Heart problems, high blood pressure, kidney impairment and asthma.

■ Aspirin : It also can be taken for mild to moderate pain. If you have indigestion, reflux and ulcers then it should be taken with caution.

Other painkillers that are commonly used are Acetaminophen, Naproxen and many more.

■ Laxatives : laxatives are the supplements which ease the movement of stools as constipation is one of the major cause of piles. A fiber supplements such as Metamucil (psyllium) or Citrucel can prevent constipation.
હરસ-મસા ના આયુર્વેદિક ઉપચાર || થવાના કારણો || લક્ષણો જુઓ વિગતસર અહીંથી.

■ Nux vom : Nux Vom helps to ease the constipation. It also relieves acidity, heaviness of abdomen. It also helps in removing stools or empting of rectum with faecal material. It is also effective for patients with irritable hypochondriac and fastidious nature.

■ Bryonia : It is also helpful in constipation, It increases the thirst for water means helps patient to have more water.

■ Lycopodium : It is helpful for patient having flatulence, acidity, gastritis.

■ Carboveg : It is helpful for patient having flatulence, acidity, gastritis.

■ Sulphur : Helpful for burning sensation of anus after stool. it also helpful in itching of anus.

■ Anacardium : It is helpful in constipation. Also helpful for patient having a tendency of forgetfulness and low confidence. If those symptoms are present in a person anacardium is the suitable remedy.

■ Aesculus : It is effective in patient with pain, burning and itching, also helpful in inflammation of piles and it also relieves constipation.

Home Remedies Of Piles
Castor oil : Castor oil has wide ranging properties like anti-oxidant rich, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. This ingredient decreases the size of piles.

■ Have Warm Bath or Sitz Bath : Dip your anal area in a tub filled with warm water for approx. 10-15 minutes and pat gently afterwards to dry. Do it two or three times a day especially after a bowel movement. It can improve your hygiene, reduce inflammations and discomforts caused by Piles.

■ Get rid of Rough Toilet Papers : It is important to keep the anal area clean and hygienic after bowel movements. Always use moist towelettes, wipes, or wet toilet paper which is perfume and alcohol free. Avoid rubbing soap or dry toilet paper over the Piles. It is suggested to use wipes containing aloe Vera or witch hazel for Piles.

■ Coconut Oil : Coconut oil is natural moisturizers that may help in Piles symptoms reduce the urge to scratch i.e Natural cure for Piles. You can take coconut oil internally by consuming or apply it externally. Both methods can effectively treat your problem. It is also helpful in itching caused by drying of piles.

■ Aloe-Vera : Aloevera gel has been used in many cultures for variety of issues. It’s thought to have anti-inflammatory properties which may help to reduce irritation and provide relief from burning, itching and swelling. The important fact is that the use of herbal treatments is independent of any age groups.

■ Garlic : Garlic can be considered one of the best herbal natural hemorrhoids remedies because of its antibacterial properties. Apply the mixture of garlic water and insert one peeled garlic clove directly into the anus. This will help to cure piles naturally and stops the growth. It also reduces bleeding piles.

■ Carrot : Drinking carrot juice and eating raw carrots heals piles fast. Also, you can mix spinach and carrot juice by adding 3 parts of carrots and 1 part of spinach. This recipe helps to reduce the bleeding piles.

■ Load up on fiber : Fill your plate with fiber rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, and nuts. This makes your stool soft and moves through your body more easily. You may also try a supplement if you can’t get enough from foods

■ Water : Human body is composed of 70% of water. if a person wants to get rid of many problems one should hydrate our body. water also helps in passage of stools from the body and also it takes away excessive heat from the body in the form of sweat.

હરસ-મસા ના આયુર્વેદિક ઉપચાર || થવાના કારણો || લક્ષણો જુઓ વિગતસર અહીંથી

And just like above there are 1000 of herbs which not only gives you symptomatic relief but also complete relief from the root cause of your problem.

Heeng is used in cooking as well as curing ailments.

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