School Leaving Certificate (L.C.) Lakhvana Niyamo

School Leaving Certificate (L.C.) Lakhvana Niyamo – Shala chhodyanu pramanpatra aapta pahela dhyanma rakhva jevi babato | LC Aapva Na Niyamo.

School Leaving Certificate (L.C.) Lakhvana Niyamo.

School Leaving Certificate (L.C.) Lakhvana Niyamo : A register is a very fast computer memory that is used to store data (instruction),Always Check Our Website to Know Upcoming New Jobs, Technology Tips, Helth Tips and General Info Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post,Keep visiting for more jobs and study material updates.

Register is used by the CPU to perform many operations. When we give an input to the system, these inputs are stored in the registers and the output that is received after the processing of the system is also received from the registers itself. So we can say that registers are used by CPU to process data.

School Leaving Certificate (L.C.) Lakhvana Niyamo Fetch: - Fetch operation is used to take the instructions given by the users and the instructions which are stored in the main memory are fetch by the registers.

Decode: - The decode operation is used to interpret instructions, that is, the CPU will see which operation will perform on which instructions.

Execute: - execute operation is executed by CPU. And the output received by the CPU will be stored in the main memory and after that it will be displayed on the user screen.

register is required to process data in both types of memory and to process data from primary storage in or out. register holds such data or information on which to work immediately. The register is that which holds information on a temporary basis and holds it on a part of the CPU.

School Leaving certificate -LC all rules in Primary school :
In fact, the size of register and number of register helps in determining the speed of computer. The transfer of data in register and data in primary storage takes place in or out of a high speed operation. register is one part of the CPU and it carries one part of the data at a time. It keeps the address of the information from where it is coming and where it has to store.

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There are some major registers which are mostly used and their function is described
  • Memory address register (MAR)
  • Instruction register (IR)
  • Address register
  • Accumulator
  • Program counter (PC)
  • Memory buffer register (MBR)
  • Index register
  • Data register
  • Input output register
  • Memory address register (MAR)
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This register holds the address of active memory location. This register keeps the address of the instruction from where it is coming and where it has to be stored. It registers the act of accessing data or instruction from memory during execution of information.

એલ સી લખવાના નિયમો PDF Download in Gujarati: Shala Chhodyanu Pramanpatr aapta pahela dhyanma rakhva jevi babato: This register holds the current instruction which is being executed. Only one instruction is executed by the processor at a given time. This register stores that instruction before moving it to the control unit.

Address register
The address register is used to store the address. Basically, the memory address of a data is stored when it is either loaded from memory or is stored in memory. While the address register stores the address of the data as long as the data is required, it stores the address of their location. It is used in conjunction with register memory address.

Accumulator : The accumulator is used to store the result generated by the system. Whatever results (outputs) are generated after processing the CPU are stored by the Accumulator.

Program counter (PC) :
The program counter which holds the address of the next instruction to be executed. Program counter is sometimes called instruction address register or processor register. It is a hardware memory device that represents the location of the current instruction during execution.

Memory buffer register (MBR)
MBR is also called memory data register (MDR). This is the register of the control unit of the computer.

This register keeps a copy of the memory location set by MAR. Which is used when reading or writing a data. Meaning it stores the data and instruction coming from register memory or going from memory.

Index register : 
This is a hardware element that stores a number and stores this number in computer instruction. This register is also called base register.

Data regiaters :
This register is used in microcomputers. It is used to store temporary data coming in or going to the peripheral device.

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