Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Smartphone

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Smartphone - Top 10 photo editing apps for Android phones.

Through this article, those people are going to benefit a lot, who are very fond of taking photos. Today we will know Top 10 photo editing apps for Android phones.

Top 10 photo editing apps for Android

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The advantages of smart phones are so much that your work becomes easy to a great extent. In such a situation, I am talking about some top 10 photo editing apps for Android phone, through which you can make your photo as best as possible.

Ever since the craze of smart phones has come in the world, people have started taking more photos, selfies because nowadays you can give your photo as you want through photo editing app. There are many features in Editing Apps so that you can make your photo as you want.

Although there are many applications for editing photos, but some of them are very famous and due to the best features of the app, people like to use them again and again.

Let us know through this article that which are the top 10 photo editing apps for Android phone.

If anyone here does not know what is an android phone, then you must read this post of mine, from which I have given information about Android.

Now I come to the topic of this article, which are the top 10 photo editing apps for Android phones? Here are the names of top 10 photo editing apps and we will also know it in full detail –

Picsart Photo and Video Editor: 
This app is very popular. A total of 8 million people have liked this app, as well as this app has got 4.5 rating for its best features. You can easily download this aap from google play store.
  • The unique features of Picsart make it different. With its editing function, you can give different effects to the pics as well as the feature of collages is present in it.
  • Some features make Piscart unique like Drawings in which you can do different types of paintings. You can also change the background of backgrounds pics, good backgrounds are present in it.
  • Some photos have already been given in this app, which you can edit and share in piscart itself, which you will not get to see in other apps.
  • Piscart also has some paid stickers and some free stickers, you can use it as you want.
  • Now I am talking about one such feature which I have never seen in any app is challenges in which Piscart loads some challenges. You can win more challenges on your app. This app is very interesting along with photo editing.
Play Store App – Download link

Snapseed is a great editing tool for you. If we talk about Piscart and Snapseed, then Snapseed is very easy to use. You can easily download it for free on Android phone.

  • This app already has different types of effects by which you can give a good look to your images.
  • The specialty of Snapseed is that you get many tools in this app. Like tune image, Details, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, White Balance, Brush etc. which makes images better at Advance level.
  • A great feature in this is that after editing your pics, you can export it directly from Snapseed.
 Play Store App – Download link

Adobe Photoshop Fix:
Adobe Photoshop Fix This app is one of the very old and best apps on Android. People use it just like real Photoshop. You can also download this app for free. Let us know about some of its special features.
  • With Adobe Photoshop Fix, you can bring life to images, you will see many special tools in it like wrap, swell, twirl, reconstruct etc. With the help of which you can make your image even better, you can do something new.
  • After editing the image can be saved in the direct cloud.
  • You can hide anything completely from the image and the color of your hair, retina color size and face color can also be changed.
  • A special feature that you will not find in any other photo editing app is its own tutorials so that you can learn how to use its features.
 Play Store App – Download link

Fabby: Selfie Art Camera:
Fabby Editing app is also one of the best apps. Many people have also liked this app. Some special features of Fabby –
  • The special thing about the Fabby app is that you can take photos with it like a DSLR Camera.
  • In this, through the blur tool, you can do the same effects as your pic in DSLR.
  • There are different background options in this app so that you can give the best look to the photos. Some features like beauty, custom are also present in it.
 Play Store App – Download link

After Focus:
After Focus app is completely different from all the apps because it is the specific feature of this app. Which is completely different from all other photo editing. You can easily download it on your Android phone.
  • There is a specific job of After Focus that this app works to focus the object. You can take photos like DSLR with this app.
  • You will see the special features of Blur in this app which you can use very easily.
 Play Store App – Download link

Passport Photo Maker – VISA/Passport Photo Editor:
ID Passport Photo Maker is a unique app. One, it is user friendly as well as easily downloaded in Android mobile which you can use easily.
  • With ID Passport Photo Maker, you can take passport size image on your phone while sitting at home, in this app you can customize your photos such as you can change both the width and height according to you.
  • ID Passport Photo Maker not only helps you to be a photo, but with this you can print copies of different photo sizes.
 Play Store App – Download link

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor:
Pixlr is a very famous app, whenever we talk about photo editing, the name of Pixlr always comes up. Pixlr app is liked by 50 million people.
  • There are different types of Tools, Brushes, Defaults in Pixlr so that you can make your pic look great.
  • You can also create collages through Pixlr which are different from other apps. Pixlr helps to make the image great and you are also famous among the users for a long time.
 Play Store App – Download link

Photo Editor by Aviary:
The features of Aviary are different from other photo editing apps. Let us know some of its special features –

  • In Aviary, you can edit photos as well as explore your pics through your profile. This explore feature is a different feature of Aviary.
  • With this application, you can create collages and after using the app according to you, you can also give your feedback in it.
 Play Store App – Download link

YouCam Perfect – Photo Editor:
You Cam Perfect is a very good editor, I use it myself. You can download this app for free and it is the perfect app for Android phone.
  • The effects in You Cam are very high quality and good as well as the features of you cam collage you will not get to see in any other app.
  • With this app you can do live makeup on your face as well as enjoy premium services. Different stickers are also present in this app.
  • There is a feature fun and artistic in this, through which you can give a fun artistic look to your image.
  • Its file is saved in your gallery in the name of you cam. So that you do not have trouble finding photos. 
 Play Store App –Download link

Air Brush – Photo Editor, Filters & Effects:
Airbrush photo editor is made by China, which is very much liked by the people. So know some special things of this app-
  • With this editor your pics get a different look like if you have acne on your face then you can hide yourself through it.
  • This app transforms your look and changes it completely and in this also you can do makeup on your image.
 Play Store App – Download link

So this was about some photo editing application, which you will like to read and you will also know about it.

Conclusion:- So friends, these were the top 10 photo editing applications for android Phones. Do let me know by commenting how you liked this post.

If you think that there is any other app which I should have kept in top 10, then you must tell me in the comment box. Apart from this, friends, if you liked this post, then do not forget to like and share it.

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