Wedding land of Lord Krishna - Gujarat History of Madhavray Fair (Madhavpur Ghed)

Gujarat History of Madhavray Fair (Madhavpur Ghed) – Wedding land of Lord Krishna - Picture of Madhavpur fair | માધવપુર મેળો ગુજરાત.

Madhavpur Melo
માધવરાયનો મેળો (માધવપુર ઘેડ) Madhavpur Melo

Wedding land of Lord Krishna - Gujarati History of Madhavray Fair (Madhavpur Ghed) Madhavpur Ghed village is an important coastal village located in Porbandar taluka of Porbandar district in the state of Gujarat in the western part of India.  Location This village is connected by paved asphalt road at a distance of about 60 km from Porbandar city.  Reaching can be reached by ST bus or private vehicle.  The diocese around it is known as Ghed Pradesh.  This land is especially famous as the marriage ground of Lord Krishna.

Porbandar and Mangrol Madhavpur (Ghed) on the shores of the Arabian Sea.  During these five days, the marital atmosphere prevails in Madhavpur panth.  This time also the fair was held here from 10th to 14th April 2022, the picture of which is presented here,Always Check Our Website to Know Upcoming New Jobs, Technology Tips, Helth Tips and General Info Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post,Keep visiting for more jobs and study material updates.

Madhavpur (Ghed) is an ancient town known as Mangrol-Chorwad, a beauty sanctuary of western Saurashtra surrounded by natural beauty.  Madhavpur, situated in Haiya after thousands of years, is a historical town situated in the southwest corner of Saurashtra, 18 miles northwest of Mangrol and 36 miles northwest of Keshod station.

 માધવપુર મેળો શા માટે ઉજવાય છે જુઓ હિસ્ટ્રી link HERE
માધવરાયનો મેળો (માધવપુર ઘેડ) 4th Day Live Video link Check HERE.
માધવરાયનો મેળો (માધવપુર ઘેડ) 3rd Day Live Video link Check HERE.
માધવરાયનો મેળો (માધવપુર ઘેડ) 2nd Day Video link Check HERE. 
માધવરાયનો મેળો (માધવપુર ઘેડ) 1st Day Video link Check HERE. 
માધવપુર મેળો more Information PDF Download link HERE.
Gujarat Na Mela: These fairs are mostly organised by the tribal population. Therefore, these fairs, in addition to reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the place, also reflect the lifestyles and deep rooted traditions of the tribal population of the state. These fairs are the best places to visit if tourists want an idea about the culture, value and heritage of Gujarat. It is a priceless experience to witness these fairs. These fairs have a very deep history as some of them have existed right from the times mentioned in the Bible. Even in the earlier days, there are evidences of fairs that existed, that were organised by people of specific religions.

Gujarat's Lokotsav And Mela: Festivals that are an integral part of Gujarati people are like the heartbeat of Gujaratis. The book titled “Lokotsav and Melas of Gujarat” covering the fairs and folk festivals of Gujarat has been published by the Information Department which will be a guide for our future generations.

Gujarat Na Melao : For thousands of years, the land of Gujarat has been abuzz with art, culture and festivities. This beehive attracts travelers from all over the world to Gujarat. The work of conveying this inspiring fragrance of Gujarat culture to every Gurjar has been done through the book “Lokotsav and Mela of Gujarat” of the Information Department.

Gujarat's Lokotsav And Mela : Many new types of festivals and fairs are held on the Gujarati land with ancient culture and glorious heritage, which preserves the culture knowingly or unknowingly. This book “Gujarat’s Folk Festivals and Fairs” has been published keeping in view the request of future generations to go to the place and search on the internet to know the ancient heritage.

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