Farmers Rs. 900 / - Monthly Assistance: Gujarat Budget 2020, Large Gift of Govt.

Farmers Rs. 900 / - Monthly Assistance: Gujarat Budget 2020, Large Gift of Govt.
Rupani government budget 2020 was introduced in the Gujarat assembly ...
In the Gujarat Budget 2020, the government has made a huge provision of Rs 1 crore for the farmers and agricultural welfare of Gujarat..For Latest Updates Jobs, Study Materials and General Information Updates. stay with us Please share with your frds this Post Thanks.

Rupani government introduces watery budget for farmers.
The Roopani government has announced to provide monthly subsistence cost of Rs 900 ie Rs.

Under this scheme, a provision of Rs. 5 crore has been made to cover an estimated 4.5 farmers.

With the assistance of Rs 900 per month per cow, the government has also made provision of Rs 50 crore for cultivation of cows.

Provision of Rs.50 crores for cultivation of cows

10,000 aid will be provided every year for cow based farming

Gujarat Budget 2020-21 Pdf | Gujarat Budget In Gujarati & English | This is the 8th budget he has presented in the capacity of the Finance Minister of Gujarat. Main features of the budget are given below. The Budget size for the Financial year 2020-21 is 2,17,287cr. which is an increase of` 12472 cr. compared to last financial year 2019-20. This Budget is prepared untiringly keeping in focus the motto of SaunoSath, SaunoVikas and SaunoVisvas.

The 8th budget of Government of Gujarat ranks at the top among the leading States of the country. It was expected that there would be overall surplus of 285.12 cr. In the Modified Estimates for the Financial Year 2019-20 but the surplus of 5388.52 cr is expected in the Revised Estimates by the end of the year due to net transactions.

Budget session of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, which began today. Finance Minister Nitin Patel is presenting the state budget for the year 2020-21. It has been announced to benefit the people living in the urban areas. In Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat, the government will provide assistance to the construction workers to travel by bus and 50 crores have been allotted. The government has tried to please the middle class in the budget and will provide 12kg of tuwar pulse to each family every year which will benefit 66 lakh people. Apart from this, the Government of Gujarat is now offering one cow a year for raising cows. 10800, so the farmer will get Rs. 900 monthly for maintenance costs. The Pak-bima project has been adopted by the government in a decision that appeals to the farmers. Allocation of 7,423 crore for agricultural welfare and co-operation.

Gujarat Budget 2020-21 PDF Download in Gujarati

◆ Major highlights of Budget 2020-21
– Under the Vulnerable Old Age Pension Scheme, now more than 75 year olds will get Rs. Rs.1000 assistance will be paid instead of 750
– People with more than 80% mental retardation will be paid Rs. – 1000 instead of Rs. 600 monthly.
– Older children’s upkeep grant increased from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 2160 will be made
– 1019 crore provision for Climate Change
– 3150 crore provision for women child development
– 7017 crore provision for industry and mining
– 7474 crore for agricultural welfare and co-operation of agricultural farmers
– 4317 crore for water supply
– 2,17,287 crore Budget for the year 2020-21
– 411 crore provision for the cottagegram industry
– 13917 crore for Energy and Petro Chemicals
– 1397 crore for port transportation
– 7423 crore provision for agriculture, farmers, and co-operation
– 48 crore for the small and vulnerable sections of the human welfare scheme
– 411 crore for Vajpayee Bankable Scheme
– Tourism provision of 480 crores
– In case of natural death to accredited journalists, insurance cover of Rs. 1 lakh instead of Rs.
– Provision of 7,220 crore for Water Resources Department
– Provision of 31,955 crore for Education Department
– Provision of 11,243 crore for Health Family Welfare Department
– Provision of 4,321 crore for Social Justice Empowerment Department
– Provision of 2675 crore for the Adi caste development department
– Provision of the Statue of Unity 387 crores
– To promote natural farming based on cows, Rs. Announcement of 900 and 10500 annually
– The farmer will get 900 per month for subsistence expenses
– Holy pilgrimage 147 crore
– 13 440 crore provision for Urban Development and Urban Housing Department
– Provision of 1,461 crore for the Department of Labor and Employment
– 962 crore development of Krishna Nagar Dwarka
– 10,200 crore for the road building department
– 2,000 crore for nutritional Gujarat
– 1 crore to do good service for visiting Somnath and Dwarka in a single day
– 1,397 crore provision for the Department of Ports and Transport
– 13,917 crore provision for the Department of Energy and Petrochemicals
– A subsidy of 7,385 crore for farmers to get electricity supply at concessional rates
– 45 crore to connect Airbnb connectivity of Porbandar, Mundra, Bhavnagar, and Jamnagar and WaterDrome to Kavadia Sabarmati and Shritunjay.
– 25 crore for Rajpipla, Amreli, Keshod, Mehsana Airport Development
– Provision of 250 crore to make 500 schools of the state a school of excellence
– Provision of Forest Environment Department 1781 crore
– 281 crore for forest protection and conservation
-The impact of Gst’s low income was reflected in the budget, not new plans and only Rs. 15000 crore more budget than last year.
– Velavadar Khadmoor Bird Breeding of the Snake Research Center, Dharampur
– 10 crore for installing radio collars for beads and dragon fruit raising in tribal areas.
– 7,503 crore for the Home Department
– Safe City Project 63 crore Nirbhaya Fund to protect women
288 crore for police housing
– 1,271 crore for food and civil supplies
– 4,473 crore for the revenue department
– Dgps machine for soil measurement
– Special help for cows, villagers and godowns
– 140 new sub-stations to be built, 1,489 crore to provide electricity connection to one lakh farmers
– 497 crores for the Department of Science and Technology
– 75 crores for Science City
– Every gram panchayat in the state will be connected to optical fiber
– 560 crores for sports and youth cultural activities
– 169 crore for information transmission
– 1,681 crore for the Law Department
– 150 crore for modernization of power generation units
– General Administration 1766 crores
– Allocation of 715 crore for Alang Ship Breaking Yard modernization
– Person-oriented presentation of a citizen service bridge program for disposal at the site of need

◆ Gujarat Budget PDF Download

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