New Education Policy 2020 Pdf

New Education Policy 2020 Pdf: The Ministry of Human Resource Development has now been renamed the Ministry of Education. The decision was taken during a meeting of the Modi cabinet. During the meeting, the Modi government also approved a new education policy. Detailed information about this will be given by the government in the cabinet briefing to be held at 4 pm.Latest News, occupations Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us Please share with your companions this Post.


• Finalizing of the National Education Policies in 1986:
about 34 years ago, i.e., in 1986, the National Education Policy was developed. There have been no significant changes in almost three decades. Various committees were also formed in 1990 and 1993 to review it.

New Education Policy in India 2020
  • Under the new education policy, guidelines given to children up to standard five in all schools will be provided in the mother tongue / local language. However, this will not apply to students studying in Std-8 or later.
  • Under the new education policy 2020, Sanskrit and foreign languages ​​at the secondary school level will also be proposed at all levels. However, it is evident in the system that no word should be imposed on any child.
  • The issue sparked controversy in June last year. The southern states protested against it. He said that children in schools there could not be forced to teach Hindi.
  • The curriculum pattern for school children has been implemented as per 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 instead of the standard 10 + 2 structure. Under it, a 3-6-year-old child will be taught the same method, so that his foundation literacy can be stimulated.
  • Then the subject will be introduced in middle school, i.e., standard 6-8. The study of fashion, along with physics, will also be allowed. Coding will be taught to children from Std-6. In school education, a 6-9-year-old child is usually in class 1-3, for which a national mission will be started so that the child can understand primary education.
  • Under the new education policy, there will also be a 4-year degree program for a child who wants to go into research. Similarly, there will be a three-year degree program for those who want to go for a job. There is no need to do MPhil for students who wish to go into research.
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• Important points of the new education policy:
  1. Structure of standard 10 + 2 board canceled
  2. The new structure of the school will be 5 + 3 + 3 + 4
  3. Pre-school up to standard-5, mid-school from standard 6 to 8, high school from standard 8 to 11, graduate from standard-12
  4. There will be four years for any degree
  5. Vocational courses available from Std-6
  6. Students will be able to choose subjects from Std-8 to Std-11.
  7. All undergraduate courses will be primary and secondary such as- Science stream students can have Physics as the main subject and Music as secondary. He will be able to choose any combination.
  8. A single authority will manage all higher education.
  9. UGC AICTE will be merged.
  10. All government, private, online, deemed, vocational, etc. universities will have the same grading and rules.
  11. A new Teacher Training Board will be formed for all types of teachers in the country. The state will not be able to change that.
  12. Any college will have the same level of recognition, which will get autonomy rights and funds based on its rating college.
  13. There will be multiple admission as well as an opt-out option in any course.
  14. Each year the student will have a credit system for graduation, through which he will get credits and through which he can use it to take a break in the course as well as return to complete the course.
  15. All school examinations will be as per semester and will be twice a year.
  16. The syllabus will be reduced to relevant information on any particular subject.
  17. Special attention will be given to the practice and application knowledge of the student.
  18. If any student completes a year course of graduation, he/she will get a Basic Certificate. If he completes two years, he will get a certificate in diploma, and if he completes the entire course, he will be awarded a degree certificate.
  19. Each course of the university running all the classes up to the level of will be governed by an authority with specific limits on the order.
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