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Mahabharat All Episode in Hindi B R Chopara Krut – Mahabharat Bhag (1988 TV Series)

Mahabharat All Episode in Hindi B R Chopara Krut – Mahabharat Bhag (1988 TV Series) Mahabharat By B. R. Chopra is an Indian television series created, written and directed by B. R. Chopra.

>>You can watch all episodes of complete Mahabharat in Hindi Language on your phone – Mahabharat is an Indian television series based on the Hindu epic Mahabharat. The 94 episode Hindi series originally ran from 2 October 1988 to 24 June 1990 produced by B. R. Chopra,Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post.

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>>The story of the entire Mahabharata "Mahabharata" is a unique religious, mythological, historical and philosophical text of India. It is one of the main texts of Hinduism. It is the longest literary book in the world, although it is considered to be one of the most unique works of literature, but even today it is an exemplary source for every Indian.

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Mahabharat episode 1।। Mahabharat ।। Mahabharat B R Chopra।।
>>The Mahabharata or Mahābhārata (महाभारतम् , Mahābhāratam) is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India.
Mahabharat episode 2.BR chopra mahabharat episode 2.
Mahabharat episode 3 .BR chopra mahabharat episode 3.
>>The Mahabharata ( महाभारत )is an epic narrative of the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes. It also contains philosophical and devotional material, such as a discussion of the four "goals of life" or purusharthas.
Mahabharat episode 4 .BR chopra mahabharat episode 4.
Mahabharat episode 5 .BR chopra mahabharat episode 5. Amba,Ambika,Ambalika.
>>Among the principal works and stories in the Mahabharata are the Bhagavad Gita [भगवद गीता]

Maharshi Vedavyas: Maharshi Vedavyas composed the same Mahabharata and is also a character of himself, his original name was Krishnadevvyash Vedavyas, his father is Maharshi Parashar and mother is Satyavati, in the scriptures he is also considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu The story of Mahabharata was narrated in Janmejay's meeting, with his blessing Gandhari had 100 sons. 

Maharshi Vedavyas said that it will happen, saying that Maharshi Vedavyas brought all of them to the banks of the Ganges, at night Maharshi Vedavyas entered the river Ganga and called all the dead warriors of the Pandavas and Koravas, in a few moments Bhishma, Dronacharya, Karna, Duryodhana's reign. Seeing the people, everyone was very happy, spent the whole night with him, everyone was satisfied, as soon as the morning dawned, all the dead warriors drowned in the Ganges water. 
Mahabharat episode 6. BR chopra mahabharat episode 6.
Mahabharat episode 7 . BR chopra mahabharat episode 7.
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Mahabharat episode 8. BR chopra mahabharat episode 8. Pandu ne kiya madri se vivaah.
Mahabharat episode 9. BR chopra mahabharat episode 9. Pandu ko mila sarap.
Mahabharat episode 10. BR chopra mahabharat episode 10. Kansh ka atyachar.
>>Mahabharata is one of the most important and ancient pieces in the great Indian mythology. It is the story of the war between Kauravas and Pandavas. This great Indian epic is written by Maharshi Vyasa.

>>This App contains TV series based on the Hindu epic Mahabharat produced by B. R. Chopra. The 94 episode of Mahabharat Hindi series originally ran from 2 October 1988 to 24 June 1990 directed &produced by B. R. Chopra.Mahabharata is not only a story, it is a source of philosophical and spiritual inspiration for many. It is mainly known for Bhagavad Gita, a gist of timeless principles told in the Indian philosophy.
MAHABHARAT episode 14.
MAHABHARAT episode 15.
MAHABHARAT episode 16.
Key Features of Mahabharat By B. R. Chopra App

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MAHABHARAT episode 17
Mahabharat episode 20 (B.R Chopra) | दुर्योधन ने पिलाया भीम को जहर | mahabharat 20 |mahabharat ep 20
Mahabharat episode 22 (BR Chopra) | अर्जुन की परीक्षा | mahabharat ep 22 | mahabharat 22
>>The author of this poem, Ved Vyas ji, in his unique poetry has depicted the greatest mysteries of the Vedas, Vedangas and Upanishads. Apart from this, justice, education, medicine, astrology, warfare, yogashastra, economics, architecture, craftsmanship, kamshastra, astronomy and theology are also described in detail in this poem.

Bhishma Pitamah: It is not wrong to call Bhishma Pitamah the most prominent character of Mahabharata because Bhishma Pitamah was the only character of Mahabharata who survived from beginning to end, Bhishma's father was King Shantanu and mother was Devanadi Ganga, Bhishma's original name was Devvrat When King Shantanu fell in love with Satyavati, Devvarta remained a celibate all his life to fulfill his father's wish and took a vow to protect Hastinapur and took Satyavati and handed her over to his father. Father Shantanu gave Devvarta the blessing of death. Due to this awful vow of Devvrat, his name became Bhishma.
Mahabharat episode – 21(BR Chopra) | mahabharat ep 21| mahabharat stories | mahabharat 21
Mahabharat episode 24. BR Chopra mahabharat episode 24.
Mahabharat episode 25. BR Chopra mahabharat episode 25.
>>In this, the sacred text of Hinduism is embedded in the Bhagavad Gita. There are about 1,10,000 verses in the entire Mahabharata, which is ten times more in magnitude than the Greek poems Iliad and Odissi.
Mahabharat ep 26. BR Chopra mahabharat episode 26.
Mahabharat episode 27. BR chopra mahabharat episode 27.
Mahabharat episode 28.BR chopra mahabharat episode 28.
Told the Pandavas the secret of his own death: When the Pandavas could not defeat Bhishma in the war, they went and asked Bhishma for his solution, then Bhishma's grandfather said that the Shikhandi in your army was first a woman and then became a man, Arjuna pushed Shikhandi and shot at me. If he is in front of me, I will not shoot an arrow when he is against me, take advantage of this opportunity and injure me with an arrow Gaya, tyare bhishma e potani ichcha thi pran no tyag karyo, 
>>The vastness and philosophical esotericism of the Mahabharata is not only a compilation of Indian values ​​but also the essence of Hinduism and Vedic tradition. The greatness and completeness of the Mahabharata can be gauged from a verse mentioned in its first verse, which makes sense, this work is a saga of the history of ancient India.
महाभारत || Mahabharat || Episodes 31, 32, || B.R. Chopra || Bhakti Jagat
Mahabharat (BR Chopra) episode 32
Mahabharat (BR Chopra) Episode 33
>>In the battle of Korav Pandava, Dronacharya was from Korva's side, when the Pandavas could not defeat him in any way, they planned to kill Guru Dronacharya, according to that plan, Bhima killed the elephant in the name of his army and attacked Dronacharya. Guru Drona, believing that his son's death was true, put his projectile down and sat in the back of his chariot to meditate. Seeing the opportunity, Drustdmanyu killed Guru Drona with his sword.

>>Seeing this nymph, Maharshi ejaculated, his semen fell on the reeds, from which he was sold in two parts, gave birth to a girl and a child, that child became Kripacharya and became known as Kripacharya, according to the Mahabharata, Kripacharya survived the war ,

Kripacharya is still alive today: There is a description of 5 immortal great men in Dharma Granth, Kripacharya is also one of them, a verse is also prevalent in his relation,

Ashvatthama balivryaso hanumansca vibhisana: So Ashvatthama, Raja Bali, Vyasji, Hanumanji, Vibhishan, Kripacharya, and Parashuram, Rishi Markande are immortal.
Mahabharat (BR Chopra) episode 34
Mahabharat (BR Chopra) episode 35 | mahabharat episode 35 | mahabharat ep 35
 Mahabharat (BR Chopra) episode 36
Kripacharya: Kripacharya was the Vice-Chancellor of Koravas and Pandavas, his father's name was Shardwan, he was the son of Maharshi Gotam, Maharshi Srdwan did great penance and obtained divine weaponry and attained perfection in Dhunvidhya To break, send a nymph named Janpadi,
Mahabharat (BR Chopra) episode 37
Mahabharat (BR Chopra) episode 38
Mahabharat(BR Chopra) episode 39
Mahabharat(BR Chopra) episode 40 | mahabharat episode 40 | mahabharat ep 40 | mahabharat bhag 40
>>According to Hindu beliefs, mythological references and the Mahabharata itself, the creator of this poem is considered to be Vedavas ji, and the credit for writing it goes to Lord Ganesha, it was written in Sanskrit language.
Mahabharat(BR Chopra) episode 42
Mahabharat(BR Chopra) episode 43
Mahabharat – Episode 44
>>Viable educators have been appeared to welcome understudy cooperation and basic leadership, permit humor into their study hall, and show an ability to play Online School Course. 
Mahabharat(BR Chopra) episode 45
Mahabharat(BR Chopra) episode 46
Mahabharat(BR Chopra) episode 47
Guru Dronacharya: Guru Dronacharya taught Koravas and Pandavas to wield weapons. Dronacharya was the son of Maharshi Bhardwaj. Disorder came in his mind and his semen ejaculated, seeing that he stored his semen in the name of Drona in behavior, from which Dronacharya was born,
Mahabharat – Episode 48
mahabharat br chopra episode 49
Mahabharat 51|| गन्धर्वो ने दुर्योधन को क्यों कैद किया || Gandharvas Catch Duryodhan || B R Chopra
>>Students are probably going to assemble more grounded relations with instructors who are well disposed and steady and will show more enthusiasm for courses instructed by these educators. Instructors that invest more energy communicating and working legitimately with understudies are seen as steady and powerful educators.
Mahabharat 52|| दिव्य अस्त्रों के लिए अर्जुन ने की इंद्र और शिव की आराधना|पशुपति अस्त्र|| B R Chopra
Mahabharat 53 || कृष्ण-चावल के बीज की कथा | भीम-घटोक्ध्वज मिलन | अर्जुन ने निर्त्य सिखा|| B R Chopra
>>India is called the fifth Veda in the scriptures, its author is Maharshi Krishnadaivpayan Vedavyas, Maharshi Vedavyas himself has said about this scripture, Ynehahasti Kutrchit. So the subject not mentioned in this scripture is not available anywhere else, today we Telling you about the main characters of the Mahabharata without whom this story is incomplete. Also know the interesting stories of these characters 
>>Scholars have different opinions about the Mahabharata period, yet most scholars associate the Mahabharata period with the 'Iron Age'. It is estimated that the 'Kuru dynasty' mentioned in the Mahabharata may have been in power during 1200 to 800 BCE. Looking at the mythological belief, it is known that the period of Parikshit and Mahapadmananda, grandchildren of Arjuna, stop in 382 BC.

This epic 'Jai', 'Bharat' and 'Mahabharata' are famous by these three names. 
Mahabharat 61 || अभिमन्यु विवाह | हस्तिनापुर दूत भेजा || Abhimanyu’s marriage Pandav send doot.
Mahabharat 62 || धृतराष्ट्र ने संजय को भेजा || Dhritarashtra does not agree and sends Sanjay
Mahabharat 63|| कृष्ण और उनकी नारायणी सेना || Krishna and Narayani Sena.
>>While Dhrutarashtra. Gandhari and Kunti were doing penance in the forest living in Vanprastha Ashram, one day all the Pandavas and Draupadi including Yudhisthira came to meet him in the forest, Maharshi Vedavyas also came there with cooperation, When Vedavyas asked him to ask for blessings, Dhrutarashtra and Gandhari expressed their desire to see the son who died in the war and Kunti wanted to see Karna, Draupadi also said that he also wanted to see his father and brothers who died in the war,
Mahabharat 64|| कृष्ण शांति दूत बनकर हस्तिनापुर पहुंचे || Krishna goes to hastinapur as shanti doot
Mahabharat 65||विराट स्वरूप | कर्ण इंद्र ने कवच कुंडल वापस लिये|| Indra takes Karna’s kawach kundala
Mahabharat 66|| कर्ण ने की छुपने की कोशिस किन्तु नाकाम ||Karna’s Identity is disclosed || B R Chopra
Mahabharat 67|| विदुर का त्यागपत्र | कुंती कर्ण से मिली ||Vidur resigns as a PM, Kunti meets Karna
Mahabharat 68|| संजय की दिव्य दृष्टि|उल्लूक पांडव से मिला||Sanjay’s divyadrishti, Ulluk meet Pandavs
Mahabharat 69||शल्य कर्ण का सारथी बना || Shalya becomes Karna’s Sarath || B R Chopra
Mahabharat 70 || शिखंडी पिछले जन्म में कौन था || Shikhandi’s Story || B R Chopra
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Mahabharat 71||अर्जुन ने क्यों किया दुर्गा का आह्वान | युद्ध के नियम क्या है || Arjun worships Durga
Mahabharat 72|| युद्ध प्रारम्भ | अर्जुन का बिमोह || War begins and Arjun drops his weapons, geeta
Mahabharat 74|| श्री गीता सार | भगवान विराट स्वरुप||Geeta Saar and Krishna Maha Avtaar || B R Chopra
Mahabharat 75|| युयुत्सु ने पाला बदला | अभिमन्यु युद्ध में भीष्म के सामने || Abhimanyu faces Bhishm
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Mahabharat 76|| उत्तरा की मिर्त्यु, अर्जुन और भीष्म युद्ध|| Uttar dies, Arjun faces bhishma
Mahabharat 77||अर्जुन का तांडव, भीम को घेरा गया ||Arjun is unstoppable Bhim is surrounded
Mahabharat 78||16 कौरव धराशाही, भीष्म अर्जुन से क्यों मिले, ९वाँदिन|| Bhisma, Arjun talks||
Mahabharat 79||भीष्म सर सैय्या पर, भीष्म-कर्ण प्रषंग||Bhishma lies on the Bed of Arrows|| B R Chopra
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Mahabharat 80|| ११वा दिन | द्रोण,युधिस्थर को परास्त करने में असफल||Dron tries to capture Yudhishthir
Mahabharat 81||चक्रव्यूह रचना और दुर्योधन का वचन ||Chakraview planned, Duryodhan promises Susharma
Mahabharat 82|| चक्रव्यूह में कैसे फंसा अभिमन्यु || Abhimanyu Vadh || B R Chopra
Mahabharat 83||क्या है अर्जुन की सपथ, जैन्तरथ कौन है ||Arjun vows to kill Jayadrath
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Mahabharat 84||अर्जुन ने कैसे तोड़ा चक्रव्यूह जैन्त्रथ घबराया||Arjun break chakravyuh jayadrath penic
Mahabharat 84||अर्जुन ने कैसे तोड़ा चक्रव्यूह जैन्त्रथ घबराया||Arjun break chakravyuh jayadrath penic
Mahabharat 85||अर्जुन ने कैसे जैन्तरथ को मारा ||Jayadrath Vadh, how arjuna killed||B R Chopra
Mahabharat 86|| घटोत्कच की मिर्त्यु ||Ghatotkach dies|| B R Chopra
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Mahabharat 87|| आचार्य द्रोण की मिर्त्यु || guru Drona Dies || B R Chopra
Mahabharat 88||दुशासन की मिर्त्यु, कर्ण-अर्जुन युद्ध|| Dushyasan dies Karna fights with Arjun|| B R
Mahabharat 89|| कैसे हुई कर्ण की मिर्त्यु || Karna Death || B R Chopra
Mahabharat 90 ||युधिस्टर ने महिलाओ को क्या श्राप दिया, दुर्योधन का बाहुबली शरीर ||B R Chopra
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Mahabharat 91||भीम-दुर्योधन गदा युद्ध || Bhim duryodhan Gada Yudh || B R Chopra
Mahabharat 92||दुर्योधन वध,अस्वस्थामा, कृप,कृतवर्मा कैसे बच गये, परिक्षित कौन है || B R Chopra
Mahabharat 93|| भीम को क्यों मारना चाहते है धृतराष्ट्र कैसे हुए असफल ||B R Chopra
Mahabharat 94|| अंतिम धारावाहिक || B R Chopra
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