Apply for a Voter helpline | Official Election Commission of India App for Voter Registration and Elections.

Apply for a Voter helpline | Official Election Commission of India App for Voter Registration and Elections.

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If there is a complaint regarding the voting with the water card for the water card, you can also enter it

Android Mobile will have to download from Google Play Store

This app will know how EVM machine works-

Gadget Desk Lok Sabha elections are being announced. Lok Sabha elections will be held in 7 phases across the country. There is always an enthusiasm about the selection. The most powerful weapon in the election is the voter vote, and the most important document for using it is Water ID card. If you do not have a water ID, you may be able to vote for anyone but you can not vote. However, for the people not to have such a problem, the Election Commission has launched a mobile app, through which you can apply for a home-born water card and also if there is a complaint related to voting.

The water helpline will work this way

1. First of all, you have to download an App Voter Helpline, announced by the Election Commission, from your Google Play Store on Android Mobile. The size of this app is 8.4MB. After downloading the app then register after initialization settings.

2.Water online app lets you check your name in the water list. For this, you have to go to the App and tell your Water ID card number in the search of Your Name in Electric Roll.

3. With this app you can also apply for a new water card. Apart from this, if there is any improvement in his water card, he can also do it. Also, if you have applied for a water card, through this app, you will know what your card status is.

4. In this app you will also get news updates about Election Commission. Also, you can get information about Election Rules by App. Also, you can get information from the app about the election rules.

5. Through this app you can make any complaint related to the election. In this app you will also find information on how EVM machine works.

6. Apart from this, the Election Commission is scrutinizing the name in the election list by giving various advertisements in the newspaper. So in the news when the advertisement about water ID card comes in contact with your nearest center, your problem solving will be expedited.

7. In addition to this, the Election Commission has started a new helpline 1950 also. The voters will also be able to get a solution to their problem by making a call on them.

Click here to-DOWNLOAD Apply for a Voter helpline

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