Widow Assistance Certificate Farm No. 86


Widow Assistance Certificate Farm No. 86

In the case of the government, which is not yet re-married under the VHP scheme, the monthly assistance of Rs.1000 / - was provided to the widow's help in the case of son of less than 21 years of age, but the widow's widow's age is 21 years of age. Bund was done, and women who are 21 years of age are requested to take advantage of this help. Such requests were made to "deny" yare case.

But from the date of 08/03/1999, the government has revised the scheme to the extent of Rs.1,20,000 / - in the rural areas, and the income of less than Rs.15, 000 in urban areas, Even if you can apply for help,
Thus, Vighwa women from the age of 21 years of age can also be benefitted from this scheme.
Due to earlier son being 21 years of age, the benefit of the scheme will be availed by renewing the rejected application.
The assistance which was received in monthly aid was Rs. 1000 / - and now it has been increased to Rs. 1250 / -.

Nomhong - Contact the Mamlatdar office of the Social Security Branch in the area related to the benefit of the beneficiary assistance. Serp up from 01/04/2016.

Request to share this post as much as possible so that the needy women can take advantage of this scheme.

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Widow Assistance Certificate Farm No. 86

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