How To Download WhatsApp Status Video And Photo Without App - No App Required

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Download WhatsApp Status Video And Photo Without App

How to download WhatsApp Status Video and image – Not Need any Application – How To Do WhatsApp Status Video? There is an easy way to download - Learn step by step process.
Status photo on messaging app WhatsApp And the competition to put up a status video seems to have started, there are no very good videos and photos And these states remove themselves after 24 hours.  Such as the choice of any of the states has been chosen.  And it's a desire to download states.  Then users can come to the status photo screenshot.  But the video status of the WhatsApp app cannot be downloaded.

WhatsApp does not allow users to download video statuses.  However the only feature of the screenshot is the screen recording.

Which is usually on all smartphones with Android 11 Sport Smart.  With the help of which WhatsApp video can be recorded but the problems with this video are in trouble.  As we download your status videos the easiest way is stated.

No third party required: To download WhatsApp video and photo So you don't need a third party for that. 

So How Do States Download Videos? Users who want to download WhatsApp video statuses, first open them. Then go to your phone's file manager app. If you do not have a file manager, you can download from the Play Store.  Now every mobile has this file manager.  Go to the settings of the file manager app Turn on "Show hidden system files" Now go to the file manager's home page
Go to the internal memory on the phone on the home page Open the Media folder of the WhatsApp folder here. Viewing all your WhatsApp statuses in the status folder here.  Now select and copy the video of the states you want to save.  Paste it into internal storage again. Now this file status will be gone after 24 hours Even so, it will still be saved on your phone.

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