Ayurvedic E-Books in Gujarati Treasure of Ayurvedic Gujarati Book

Ayurvedic E-Books in Gujarati Treasure of Ayurvedic Gujarati Book – આયુર્વેદિક E-Book's : અહી તમને આયુર્વેદિક દવાઓ pdf તેમજ આયુર્વેદિક ઉપચાર ગુજરાતી pdf મળી રહેશે. અહી તમને ayurvedic book નું gujarati ભાષામાં છે. આ બધી આયુર્વેદિક બુકો Social Media માંથી મેળવેલી છે..

સરળ આયુર્વેદ ઉપચાર PDF Books Download

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Read all information about Significance of AyurvedaAccording to Ayurveda, the human body is made up of four basic elements - dosha, metal, feces and fire. These four basic elements of the body are very important in Ayurveda. It is also called the basic principle or basic basis of Ayurvedic treatment.

What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda has been a method of treatment since ancient times, which was born in India. The word Ayurveda has two words Ayu and Veda. In which age means - life and Veda means - science. Thus, Ayurveda is the science of living life.

>> The main goal of Ayurveda is to keep the healed person healthy, then to remove the disease of the sick man is another important goal. For this, Ayurveda has given guidance on various medicines, methods of treatment and diet.

The origins of Ayurveda lie in the ancient Vedas - Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda. Ayurveda is connected not only with physical but also with mental and spiritual matters.

Ayurveda - Basic Concepts Ayurveda is an ancient medical system of the Indian subcontinent. In India it is believed to have started 5000 years ago. The word Ayurveda is a combination of two Sanskrit words Ayus and Veda. Ayus means life and Veda means science. Thus the word Ayurveda means the science of life. The medical system focuses on the treatment of diseases, while Ayurveda is a system focused on healthy living. The basic idea of ​​Ayurveda is that it personalizes the treatment process.

Herbs and Diseases This information is provided for educational purposes only, not for the treatment of any ailments yourself. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. You are requested to seek the help of a suitable physician, doctor or therapist for such a need. (I am not a physician, a physician, or any kind of therapist.) Attempts have been made to adhere to this fact as much as possible, but if any defect is found to be intentional, it is not intentional and I will not be held responsible for the consequences. Please take.

The three important principles of guilt are talk, bile and phlegm. Together, these three regulate and control the body's actions, including metabolism. The main function of these three defects is to carry the byproduct of the digested food to every part of the body, which helps in building the muscles of the body. 

Note: In the following collections of the book "Easy Medicines" you will find information about most diseases and domestic ayurvedic treatment in the first book. So they must download it.

આયુર્વેદિક ગુજરાતી Book PDF Download:

• Easy Medicines (સરળ દવાઓ): Download

• Herbs And Diseases (જડીબુટ્ટીઓ અને રોગો) : Download

• Effective Ayurvedic treatments (અસરકારક આયુર્વેદિક સારવાર): Download

• Ayurveda therapy for 50 successful cache (આયુર્વેદ ઉપચારના 50 સફળ કેસ): Download,

• Assessing The Entire Book Of Pain (પીડા (દુઃખાવા) ના સમગ્ર પુસ્તકનું મૂલ્યાંકન): Download

• Problem elevated cholesterol(એલિવેટેડ કોલેસ્ટ્રોલની સમસ્યા): Download

• Drug good / adverse effects (દવાની સારી/પ્રતિકૂળ અસરો): Download

• Dengyum And Chikungunya (ડેન્ગ્યુ અને ચિકનગુનિયા): Download.

• Diabetes full Tips (ડાયાબિટીસ સંપૂર્ણ ટિપ્સ): Download

• Eye Pain Treatment (આંખના દુખાવાની સારવાર): Download.

• Eye problems and care(આંખની સમસ્યાઓ અને સંભાળ): Download

• first Aid (પ્રાથમિક સારવાર) part -1: Download

• first Aid (પ્રાથમિક સારવાર) part -2: Download.

• heart disease - problems and treatment (હ્રદય રોગ - તકલીફ અને સારવાર): Download

• Blood pressure (બ્લડપ્રેશર): Download

• Body guard force (શરીર રક્ષક દળ): Download.

• Precautions for kidney diseases and treatments (કિડનીના રોગો માટે સાવચેતી અને સારવાર): Download

• manasanti (મનશાંતી): Download.

• Medicinal Plant-creation and use (ઔષધિય વનસ્પતિ-બનાવટ અને ઉપયોગ): Download.

• Healthy Living Solutions (નિરોગી રહેવાના ઉપાયો: Download

• Obesity, Symptoms And Treatment (મેદવૃદ્ધિ/જાડાપણું/સ્થૂળતા ના લક્ષણો અને સારવાર) :Download

• Bone And Joint Problems (હાડકા અને સાંધાની સમસ્યાઓ): Download

• Plague (પ્લેગ): Download

• Pregnant Care (સગર્ભા સંભાળ): Download

• Indigenous Treatment (સ્વદેશી ચિકિત્સા) Part-1:Download

• Indigenous Medicine (સ્વદેશી ચિકિત્સા) Part -2:Download

• Healthy Diet(આરોગ્યપ્રદ ખોરાક): Download

• Extraction: Download

• All-Inclusive Exercise: Download

• Health Modification(આરોગ્ય ફેરફાર): Download

• Information about swine flu(સ્વાઈન ફ્લુ વિશે માહિતી):Download

All these books will be useful to you in everyday diseases. We should not use excessive medicine and use indigenous medicine. Our body needs a good immune system. Which can be strengthened by Ayurveda.

આયુર્વેદ Book pdf રોગો અને ઉપચાર pdf: આયુર્વેદિક વનસ્પતિ બુક pdf, ઘરગથ્થુ અને દેશી ઉપચાર બુક PDF, આરોગ્ય બુક pdf આયુર્વેદિક ઉપચાર ગુજરાતી બુક | Ayurveda Granth pdf, Diseases and Remedies pdf, Ayurvedic Herbs pdf, Home and Country Remedies pdf, Health Pdf, Ayurvedic Remedies Gujarati, ઔષધો અને રોગોપચાર book, ayurved gujrati ગુજરાતી બુક pdf, આયુર્વેદિક પુસ્તકો, એસિડિટી માટેના આયુર્વેદ ઉપચાર, આયુર્વેદિક જીવનશૈલી ઘરેલુ ઉપચાર, આયુર્વેદિક દવા વનસ્પતિ

Note: - Our purpose is only to give you good information, under the supervision of any treatment specialist and according to your effect.

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